John's Ag-Vacs Inc. has more than twenty-five years of experience servicing your harvesting equipment!

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If you’ve had trouble finding a new grain vacuum, you’re not alone. Grain vacuums are a very specialized piece of equipment. It can be hard to find a company...
Rebuild Grain Vacs | John's Ag-Vacs Inc. | St Louis, MO | (800) 230-2971
Many businesses specialize in the repair of machinery, but every farmer will tell you that a grain vacuum is no ordinary piece of equipment. Grain vacuums offer...
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If you’re on the hunt for grain vacuum repair in St Louis, MO, then you’ve come to the right place. John's Ag-Vacs Inc. has over twenty years in the grain vacuum industry...

John's Ag-Vacs Inc. offers a professional option for the restoration of your grain vacs and equipment!

Welcome to John's Ag-Vacs Inc.

John's Ag-Vacs Inc. is a father and son business that’s been in the business of grain vac sales and service for a collective total of twenty-nine years. These years of experience with the buying, selling, and trading of grain vacs makes us one of the leading providers of grain vac services in the country, and certainly in St Louis, MO. In our years in the business we have become famous for grain vacs for sale, grain vacuum rebuilding, and grain vacuum repair.

We deliver and set up all vac purchases regardless of what setup or brand you purchase. John's Ag-Vacs Inc. stocks tried and true grain vacuums such as the Conveyair Vac with updates, Vac Boss Vacs, and even have specials for the fall on our popular Farm King Vacs. In addition to stocking such well-known grain vacuums, we also have all pipe and hoses in stock, to make the setup of your next grain vacuum a breeze.

Our ability to buy, sell, and trade also sets us apart from other companies in the industry. John's Ag-Vacs Inc. really wants to help you find the grain vacuum that suits your needs, and we know that they can be pricey. That’s why we allow selling and trading of grain vacuums in addition to offering them for purchase, because it means that you can upgrade to a newer model or brand much easier than having to sell through a third party.

John's Ag-Vacs Inc. has been helping farmers obtain and install grain vacuums for over twenty years. Our professional, friendly service and competitive pricing make us an easy choice for all of your grain vacuum needs. Reach out to us today to find top of the line grain vacuums perfect for any budget.