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If you’re on the hunt for grain vacuum repair in St Louis, MO, then you’ve come to the right place. John's Ag-Vacs Inc. has over twenty years in the grain vacuum industry and is more than capable of repairing your grain vacuum. We know that grain vacs need repairing an average of every ten to twelve years and are more than happy to help you with your grain vacuum maintenance.

Grain handling equipment repair can be a tough service to find, and John's Ag-Vacs Inc. prides itself on being the best option around. We offer reliable results every single time, and our consistency has lead to multiple returning customers in our many years in business. Since being founded twenty-nine years ago, we have serviced countless grain vacuums and helped with grain vacuum restoration. Each time, our customers are more than satisfied when it comes to our grain handling equipment repair.

John's Ag-Vacs Inc. is a leader in our area when it comes to the maintenance of your grain vacuum. We understand that servicing your vacuum will ultimately lead to higher profits and less serious breakdowns, and our professional mechanics are the perfect choice for fixing blowers, air locks, timing gears and more! Our experienced professionals are happy to inspect your grain vacuum and make sure that any part that needs repairs is correctly serviced.

John's Ag-Vacs Inc. would be happy to take a look at your equipment and repair it at a competitive price. If you aren’t sure what your grain vac needs, bring it to us and we’ll fix it up quick!