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Many businesses specialize in the repair of machinery, but every farmer will tell you that a grain vacuum is no ordinary piece of equipment. Grain vacuums offer one of the best ways to transport grain from its bin into a truck, and it’s important that these pieces of equipment work properly every single time. For professional grain vacuum rebuilding in St Louis, MO, head to John's Ag-Vacs Inc.

John's Ag-Vacs Inc. specializes in grain handling equipment rebuilding, making us one of the few in the field that sells grain vacs as well as fixes them up. We don’t care if we originally sold you the piece years ago or if it has broken down after you’ve bought from one of our competitors. We are more than happy to help you with any harvesting equipment rebuilding you may need.

Grain vacuums can be tricky to fix up, especially if they are an older model which some may not be as familiar with. Regardless of its condition, John's Ag-Vacs Inc.’s professional mechanic is more than capable of restoring your grain vacuums to their past functionality. With more than twenty-five years in the business, you can be certain that our employees are experienced and ready to service whatever issue may be afflicting your vacuum.

When it comes to the professional rebuilding of grain vacuums, you won’t find a business with a wider selection of spare parts than John's Ag-Vacs Inc. We have quickly become a popular choice for rebuilding older grain vacuums in our area. Talk to us today about the needs your grain vacuum has!